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Transcription turns video and audio content into text files for documentation, review and research purposes. With the help of accurate transcripts, you can gain improved insights on your recordings of meetings, interviews, focus group discussions and oral history collection.

With a skilled team of transcribers well-versed in English (including Singlish!), Mandarin Chinese and Chinese dialects, CaptionCube can work with content of various local contexts and regional accents.

CaptionCube offers 2 types of transcript services: clean verbatim and full verbatim. Clean verbatim is an edited transcript that removes stutters, fillers and repetitions, while full verbatim captures all utterances.

We are also able to tailor our transcription style to suit your needs, incorporating features such as speaker identification, time-stamps, notations for non-English utterances, etc.

Whether you are looking to transcribe your recordings from scratch, or verify and edit any transcripts on hand, CaptionCube is always ready to help optimise your content with quality and accurate transcripts.

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CaptionCube transcribes a wide range of content across diverse sectors, including broadcast, education, research and government.

In addition, we also provide speech data collection and transcription services for agencies specialising in machine learning. Currently, we have a set of full-verbatim Singaporean Conversational English speech data (100 recorded hours) available for licensing.
Please get in touch with us directly for licensing details.

Transcript Samples

Listen to the audio and download the samples below to find out more about what CaptionCube has to offer!

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