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We are proud to be the official captioning partner for Passion Unleashed Talk's video channel! 

Passion Unleashed is a homegrown platform that aims to become the signature talk series in Asia. Their vision is  to empower individuals to reignite their passion and make a positive change in themselves and society. The inspirational talk series features distinguished speakers including world-class business leaders, politicians, pioneers, social activists and more.

Passion Unleashed has been providing space for authentic conversations and inspiration over the past 3 years to more than 5,000 persons from different walks of life. In 2016, Passion Unleashed will be making a more focused effort to share their collection of amazing talks with their fans via their YouTube channel. And CaptionCube is proud to be part of this amazing effort to make inspiration more accessible with closed captioning!


We are happy (pun intended) to introduce our Fundraising Partner, Happi! Also, check out their engaging videos which have been captioned by the CaptionCube team!

Happi is a shopping app with a charitable twist. It enables you to support a good cause without having to make cash donations, get great deals and possibly win stuff you want! All you have to do is to join Happi as member and enter our promo code "CaptionCube" to support us!

Based on statistics from 2012, there are 136 deaf/ hard of hearing students in Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) which include ITEs, polytechnics and universities. Due to the sheer number of lecture/tutorial hours they have in their whole course of study, these students find it difficult to afford support services such as captioning services where needed.

Your support here will go into subsidising the costs of captioning services for deaf/hard of hearing students in IHLs. Every little action you do on happi.sg will help deaf students afford captioning services where they are needed.


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